A Few Words On our story

About Us

Health Impact Uganda is a local Non-Governmental organization. It was registered with the mandate to improve reproductive Health and access to education in rural areas in Uganda.

A Few Words On our story

About Us

Home to 45 million people, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% under the age of 30. This represents significant development potential which, if left untapped, could become a major development challenge. Today, unemployment stands at 9.2%. Agriculture is the backbone of the Ugandan economy; however, the sector is characterised by low productivity, which contributes to income volatility and stagnation. Extreme weather events leading to disasters such as floods, droughts, and landslides have increased over the last 30 years and affect the livelihoods of people.

According to WHO, Uganda’s burden of disease is dominated by communicable diseases, accounting for over 50% of the annual deaths, and a growing burden of non-communicable diseases, including mental health disorders. However, the health system remains challenged due to insufficient resources to recruit, deploy, and retain quality health care service providers, especially in remote areas. In addition, mechanisms to ensure quality health care service delivery, timely and holistic health data collection and sufficient stock of essential medical supplies are not fully efficient.

The Government of Uganda is implementing a policy of universal access to free primary education. Although this is a promising effort, the quality of the education and graduation rate are low. According to the World Bank, Uganda’s human capital index is low; children born in Uganda today are likely to be 38% as productive when they grow up, as they could be when enjoying high-quality education and health care.


To be a the leading social service NGO committed to reducing disease burden and improving access to education.


To provide cutting edge and sustainable approaches to addressing inequality challenges though effective program management and service delivery, capacity building and advocacy.

Core Values 

• Integrity.
• Boldness.
• Honesty.
• Trust.
• Accountability.
• Commitment to clients and stakeholders .
• Passion.
• Fun.

For the last 20 years we have focused on reducing the reproductive health risks that affect vulnerable children and young people and other most at risk population groups as well as child protection. Health Impact Uganda has also been implementing HIV/AIDS, child rights, family planning, VCT, STDs and adolescent reproductive health programs in the districts of Kyenjojo, Hoima Bukomero,Kagadi Bugweri Kamuli, Kaliro, sironko, Manafwa and Bugiri targeting children and young people in and out of school in the urban slums and rural areas. We support vulnerable girls who are currently trapped in child sex work by supporting them to safely withdraw, resume schooling or engage in healthier alternative livelihoods such vocations skills and we give small loan to buy capital equipment’s e.g if someone has completed a tailoring course she can qualify for a sewing machine.