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  • Maternal health and Family planning Project
  • COVID 19
  • Education support Program

Featured Projects

Our passion is to give.

1. Covid-19

As an NGO working in the field of health care, we have contributed our expertise in emergency response to COVID 19 epidemic in Uganda. We have been receiving COVID 19 patients; and we have been giving them counseling, support and referral to the nearest health facility. We continue to offer COVID EDUCATION to clients who visit our Centre and this includes information on current immunization services .

We work closely with government to support to revamping community based saving cultures and entrepreneurship which will be critical in the phase of reconstruction. We continue to support the establishment of long term public health (hygiene) in the daily lives of our society to mitigate any long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, we convene experts and generate think-pieces and policy options on the impact and future actions that Uganda will be undertaking in the context of a post-Covid-19 society.

2. Education Support Program

We have been supporting Uganda’s learners to achieve their potential by supporting young people to learn vocation skills and get good jobs; giving young children the best possible start in life through early childhood care and primary education.

We support government institutions to improve on the stand of their infrastructure, improve sanitation and access to safe drinking water. Also, we have been working with parents, teachers and enforcement official to keep children safe from all forms of abuse.

Through our Performance Based Financing programme, we work in 20 government aided primary schools in Eastern Uganda to strengthen accountability mechanisms and facilitate improved access to decent, quality, and inclusive primary education in the highly challenged areas of Uganda.

3. School AIDS Project

The School AIDS project provides family life education in schools and communities. Training peers educators and trainers of trainers.

We provide HIV counseling for our clients who test positive. We also enroll them on the AIDS treatment therapy. We offer TB screening and treatment for all our clients who are HIV Positive. During the first quarter of 2021, 4624 people were tested for HIV/AIDS. Our goal was 5000 people. Considering the impact of COVID 19 on health services is was a great success.

4. Maternal Health & Family Planning Project

The maternal health and family planning projects provide a one stop centre for all reproductive health services. We run seventeen clinics across Uganda. We have integrated family planning services, maternal and antenatal clinics.